The Ottawa Housing Market projections have changed because of the new NDP Agreement

Monday Mar 28th, 2022


With the new agreement with the NDP (New Democratic Party) to Support the Liberals on each non Confidence type motion until 2025 the OTTAWA Housing Market will continue to be strong.

I had projected in January 2022 that the market would slow down. Why? Due to the massive debt the Liberal have created since 2015 Election by creating many new programs and defending Canada against COVID 19. Without the NDP support the Liberals would have had to reduce debt by reducing the number of Public Servants in Ottawa. The Number of Federal Public Servants has gone up in the Ottawa Capital Region by 25% since 2015.

The Federal Liberals would have needed to reduce Public Servants like they did in 1995 when they had a similar problem of massive Debt creation.

During that period prices in Ottawa were flat for 4 years.

Now they will slow down spending as COVID issues are largely resolved and they will generally try to be tighter with the the Government spending. But the spending will not be reduced by much as of now with the NDP Coalition in place

Further Bad news with the NDP support they will spend more on Dental Care and Pharma care and other Social Programs. Also with the NDP support the Liberals may not be allowed to open up restrictions on getting pipelines to sea and more Oil and Natural Gas development which would help Ottawa to help Europe get a secure source of Oil and Natural gas. Such changes regarding Oil and Natural Gas would help Canada to sell our Oil and Gas and Create Jobs. We lost 90,000 jobs in the Oil and gas Industries and $225 in Investment since 2016. The Oil and Gas value will diminish in value as the world switches to Nuclear, Hydrogen sources of Energy. 60% of World Hydro Carbon emissions come from Chinese Coal use. But we cannot get Natural Gas to China as we have no pipeline re LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)

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