A reoccurring situation for me in Real Estate is that often people are too busy in there professional lives or they have lived in the same home for 15 or more years and they want or need to change to different accommodations and do not have the contacts, skill, interest or motivation to fix up, repair or update there home in order to downsize, upsize, move to a condo, smaller communities that are cheaper or go to a retirement style home.

This means these people want advice, counselling and supporting for the many aspects of there next steps. I am willing to offer the time and effort so that individuals or family members can get through the planning and processes to sell their present home and get to the next place.

So aside from the obvious questions of what is the market value, how fast can you sell my home many more questions need to be answered such as what are the life style options as to where to next, what needs to be done to the home to maximize its value, how to keep this stress free, what are the financial, (reverse mortgages) legal and tax issues, (moving to the US) specific to the circumstances. 
This can lead to advise about: 

✓ Lawyers
✓ Accountants
✓ Estate Planners
✓ Locksmiths
✓ Home Stagers
✓ Roofers
✓ Landscapers
✓ Movers
✓ Painters
✓ Mortgage Brokers
✓ Plumbers
✓ Electricians
✓ Adult Life Style Communities
✓ Supportive Living

This all suggests we may need a fair amount of time to get ever thing done. For example probating a will may take a couple of years. 

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