Top 10 Mistakes in Selling Your Home

Thursday Jan 28th, 2016


1. Selling Privately limits exposure, limits professionalism and invites people wanting to save money so it costs you the Real estate fee without the benefits.

2. Neglecting repairs will cost you in terms of selling price. Experience shows that for every $2,000 in repairs results in a $10,000 lesser Selling Price.

3. Family Pictures not removed. You can keep some but the person visiting is trying to visualize themselves in your home.

4. Cooking or Pet Odours are a real no-no.

5. The right colours are important. Most will not accept repainting a deep dark coloured wall. Green and Blue carpets are difficult to accept.

6. De-clutter and clean up every where except the Garage. You are selling space.

7. Functionality of rooms is critical. So arrange furniture to function well.

8. Focus a lot of time on the outside of the entrance. This is where people get turned off due to neglected repairs or space.

9. There is so much to do and so little time so get professional advice and then follow it.

10. Staging does work. The right pictures, bath towels, colours, can add functionality and a great liveability to you home.

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