The Ottawa Housing market finally starting to pick up under the Liberal Government

Tuesday Feb 07th, 2017


In the National Capital Region of Ottawa and Gatineau it was expected that major staffing of Public Servants would be well under way by now.

However the size of Public servants actually went down for a while.

Now the Liberal Government seems to be ramping up the number of hires.

Considering the masive deficit they announced to help kick start the economy it was expected that many more than about 10,000  more would be here by now.

So the spring market should be very good and prices by late summer could be up by 10% especially in the west end. The Nortel Site will be ready to bring in Military moves to the City of Ottawa as the site is expected to ramp up up by March 2017.

The Consevatives slowed down Military moves to the City Of Ottawa to save money and also take time to get the site ready.

So this will mean more military coming to Ottawa especially the West End. It will also mean Military people in Ottawa will generally decide to move to the site to be closer to work for many.

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