Summer 2018 Housing Market in Ottawa VERY HOT

Friday Jun 29th, 2018


As noted in previous articles the Real Estate Market in Ottawa is VERY hot. It will continue to be HOT during the Summer as The Inventory now is very low and more public sevants are being hired every. day. Also the Militeary moves are finally a big factor as the Conservatives slowed that portion down to a trinkle but it is back up and an important portion of this market.

Rockland, Embrun Russell Almonte will start to see a big pick up in their market late summer and next year. The reason for the delay is just the time needed for Buyers to see they can get more home for less than Orleans or Hunt Club areas for example. People with Champgne Tastes and Beer Budgets will be very happy shopping in Rockland or Almonte.Especially those looking for Bungalows. For Example Minto does not make Bungalows in Ottawa as they cannot afford the amount of land required. In Rockland there are fabulous Bungalows for $400,000 to $475,000.

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