OTTAWA Housing Market SUMMER 2020 Still VERY HOT

Wednesday Jun 24th, 2020


The Federal government Liberals have added to the number of Public Servants in the NCR in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and again in 2020. So as of 2019 there was little inventory

And now there is NONE. Due to COVID 19 many are not listing making it worse. And clients that want to upgrade are not listing because they cannot find what they want.

Many Townhomes over the past month that listed for $450,000 soild for $550,000. Also Shopify is adding employees in Ottawa.

What to do. If you are a SELLER: sell now with late possession. Like September 2. If a Buyer wait till late July to Buy. I expect most of the scare re COVID  19 will be over By July 1, 2020

So many will list in early July. By Late July much of the pent up demand will be deminished. So a Town listed in late July at $450K will get $550K. Demand will still be great but softer.


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