Ottawa Housing Market still HOT in 2020

Monday Feb 17th, 2020



As discussed before the National Capital Region is on fire. One of the very best in Canada. Ottawa normally is a "steady eddy" good place to have a home.

Detached Homes are up 17% over last January

Town Homes are up 24.4% over last January

Condominiums are up 19.1% over last January

Active listings are down 35% for Residential and 62.8% for Condo Properties

There are FEW listings because the market has been exceptionally good for the past 2 years.

So many new Public Servants are arriving in Ottawa and AVAILABILITY to find a home is difficult.

Furthermore many in Ottawa are not listing their homes because they cannot find their next home.

Often in the past Buyers would confirm that what they wanted was readily available and the they would list and then they would buy.

But in Todays world in Ottawa Sellers cannot find what they want and are insisting on BUYING first and then SELLING.

Which means there are even less Listings then there could be. (A vicious circle)

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