Orleans Ontario and East Ottawa Market

Friday Nov 24th, 2017


The South is doing exceptionall we up 15% year over year. The West (Kanata and Barrhaven are up 9.8%.

However in the East it is up only 2%.

Why? Under the Liberals there have been about 30,000 new hires by the Federal Government since last October. But most have bought in the South and West. Also the new former Nortel site was finally opened for the military and so newcomers that are military are going to the west and some military that have more than 2-3 years in their career are going to the West From the East.

By next spring I expect that new Federal Employees comming to Ottawa will pick the East as similar homes are at least 10% cheaper.For Example both Minto and Campeau built exactly the same home in the West as in the East

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